Q&A: can you get braces with baby teeth still there?

Question by Adam: can you get braces with baby teeth still there?
alright im 14 i have i think maybe 4 baby teeth left can i still get braces with baby teeth? also, is 14 old to get braces and how long do braces last?

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Answer by Zach W
Uh refuse to get braces unless you want living hell for 2 years not being able to eat anything but yogurt or soup then have to wear a retainer for the rest of your life just for a smile

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  1. Thinkingirl596 says:

    Well if u still do ur going to have to get them extracted..... Sorry to say!!! ): your teeth and mouth will be numb so don't worry bout it but after an hour of the treatment take advil cause it will hurt!!!!!!! Trust me... And yes 14 is a normal age for teens getting braces :) I'm getting mine soon and I'm 14 lol! They last for 2 years maybe less or more depending on the condition of your teeth.... Good luck!

  2. Lowell says:

    all baby teeth must be extracted before braces are put on. Sometimes, even if you don't have baby teeth, they will pull teeth anyway so the braces will work better.

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