How to make FAKE braces!!!! THESE WORK!!!

These work with an outfit idea! Twisty ties and paper clips will not really move the teeth! No, you shouldn’t sleep inside them or leave them in lengthy enough to ROT The Teeth!! Also, the women are simply being silly. These were both good buddies and something moved away. The cuss words can stop. So you realize… The underside ones dont work! we figured this out as we get this to! Btw the eco-friendly factor is Twisty Ties. Not really a flexible stick!!!

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  1. lovegirl love says:

    it worked?

  2. lovegirl love says:

    this worked for? me

  3. Andrea Julia says:

    they look? real

  4. 13khloe13 says:

    @THEUTUBESIDERACHEL I would reccomend the paper? clip because it is easier.


    which would? you reccomend? paper clip or bobby pin??

  6. elliaun5 says:

    Wow! This works!? Thank you guys so much they look so real!

  7. Aj2hip2 says:

    They were for a costume? idea and they probably don’t need them.

  8. Aj2hip2 says:

    It was for? a costume idea.

  9. Aj2hip2 says:

    It? was for a costume idea.

  10. irockgodance says:

    This is awesome in? my next vid ill have braces

  11. 13khloe13 says:

    SERIOUSLY??? These are for a costume idea! Of course twisty ties and paper clips are not going to really move your teeth! No, you should not sleep in them or leave them? in long enough to ROT YOUR TEETH!! Also, the girls are just being silly. They were both good friends and one moved away. The rude comments can stop for real. Especially the cuss words.

  12. 8934jojo says:

    r? twisty ties like pipe cleaners??

  13. pamelajanematthews says:

    why do you want? to fake something like that??

  14. savannahandlaurenvid says:

    thank you? nice video

  15. laxxxxxxmonsterrrrrr says:

    ur mean to ur friend? but nice video

  16. SailorMoonAMV says:

    why would you want? fake braces?

  17. NewxLagg says:

    You can get twisty ties at the? grocery store

  18. izzyeswords says:

    where? do u buy twisty ties?

  19. Msluvly411 says:

    why dont you just go to the dentist? and get some braces instead of making fake ones?

  20. Eminemisdarapper says:

    Dollar store? or every were

  21. 124Mariposa says:

    I loved the video no offensive but the girl in the glasses was somewat mean juss saying?

  22. ILovePanda66785 says:

    good? job ill try it 🙂

  23. Sodathecat101 says:

    what? are twisty ties lol?

  24. Sodathecat101 says:

    wat r twisty ties lol? ?

  25. crazychick506 says:

    CrappyNappers you go to a super market like? a bigM and go near the vegetable part near bags and get them

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